Racing faster than any race car - but in the same amount of space and while pulling 10Gs - then fighting in air to air combat heats using hi-tech virtual weapons systems and dropping bombs makes Aero GP the ultimate motor sport.

Three primary disciplines in each competition will decide the annual "World Champion Flying Ace”:

Air Racing:  Imagine auto racing – but with adrenaline-pumping airplanes!  All racing at the same time, these aircraft reach speeds of 500 kph at just 10 metres above a racecourse!  Its an awesome spectacle that no other race can compete with!

Air Combat: This competition will duplicate one of the most challenging and competitive activities man has ever mastered, involving real aircraft and pilots in a real air-to-air “dogfight!”  Highly trained pilots take to the skies in an attempt to out-manoeuvre, hunt down and shoot each other out of the sky!

Barnstorming: Our pilots compete in a variety of aerial challenges ranging from aerobatics, low-level obstacle courses, target bombing and other stunts, where precision and iron-will are the key.